B’Rhythm conceptualized by Bala Skandan and Sonali Skandan seeks to create a living dialogue between Indian Classical music and dance and world percussion sounds and urban movements. Inspired by the rhythms we see and hear in NYC every day, this project is an eccentric approach to combining classical sounds, movements, and storytelling with urban street arts. We believe this is a unique endeavor and one which addresses the evolving nature of our cultural landscape and city. Musicians and dancers will explore the synergies and cross-rhythms of Indian Classical percussion played on Mridangam, Tabla, Kanjira, and Vocal Percussion ( Konnokkol) alongside instruments such as Frame drum, Djembe, and Cajon. The projects bring together some of NYC’s finest talents.

The Team

Bala Skandan – Music lead and composition, and Mridangam | Shiva Goshal on Tabla | Rich Stien on Djembe and Frame Drum | Kabilan Jegenathan on Kanjira | Brinda Guha – Lead choreographer and dancer | Team of Dancers – Arielle Rosales, Noni Byrd-Gibbs, Emi De Olio, Indigo Robinson, and Rashmi Rajendran.

Genre: Indian Classical, Urban Contemporary, World Percussion

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B’Rhythm, premiered so vibrantly at the Drive East Festival 2019 this past August. The cast, comprised of diverse musicians and movers presented something so unique, collaborative and fierce. Check out the trailer below and we look forward to developing the project further!



Akshara is a dynamic music ensemble bringing together world music traditions on the rhythmic and modal foundations of Indian classical music. In 2015, Akshara’s Mohana Blues won the ‘Best World Traditional Song’ award at the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards. Along with NYC’s brightest musical talent, Akshara Music Ensemble’s leader and composer, Bala Skandan, presents surprising and delightful interpretations of traditional ragas like Kamboji, Mohana, Gambira Natai and Shanmugapriya arranged for Carnatic, Hindustani, and Western classical and folk instruments.

Akshara’s Mohana Blues won the ‘Best World Traditional Song’ award at the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards.

“Akshara has proven themselves to be master musicians, whose work is exemplary of beauty and sublimity.” –

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